Sunday, October 12, 2014

NYPD Five Points March for Reform - Updated Flyer

We demand that any one of these 5 government offices appoint a commission to investigate NYPD corruption :
  • The Mayor’s Office
  • NYPD
  • Manhattan D.A.’s Office
  • U.S. Attorney’s Office
  • FBI, NYC Field Office

Look at the all ways that NYPD engage in illegality :
  • Murder of innocent ppl, incl. Eric Garner
  • violations of civil liberties, civil rights, Constitutional rights
  • stop and frisk
  • fixing crimes & tickets
  • racism and misogyny
  • ticket and arrest quotas
  • violations of the Handschu Agreement
  • LGBTQ discrimination
  • Adrian Schoolcraft kidnapping
  • arresting the media
  • Racial, religious, and LGBTQ profiling
  • Using brute force and chokeholds
  • Blocking FOIL requests
  • Internal Affairs protects corrupt cops
  • NYPD gun-runners, drug-trafficking, rape
  • NYPD spying
  • Top NYPD brass, incl. former Commish Ray Kelly, accepting free gifts, incl. free rides Air Bloomberg and Chief Dowd and others took gifts from Verizon, an ECTP 911 contactor allegedly over billing NYC government.  
  • Retaliating against whistleblowers

New training is not enough !  We demand that each of the city’s District Attorneys investigate and prosecute these police crimes, that Commissioner William Bratton be fired, and that the NYPD end their “Broken Windows” approach to policing.  We want a new psychological evaluation for the police force.

The next NYPD Five Points March will be on : Nov. 24 and
Dec. 22.  Meet at Noon at the Fountain at City Hall.  Our goal is to do this march once a month, possibly in other parts of the city, to keep political pressure growing until a commission is empaneled to investigate NYPD coruption. 

nypdfivepoints (at) gmail (dot) com

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